S3 Screenshot Grabber

Lightweight tool to capture, crop and upload your images directly to Amazon S3.


Really Fast Screenshots

One keystroke = your image, in your S3 bucket (in any region) within ~5 seconds. Rapidly capture, crop and upload screenshots without interrupting your current task.


If you like, select which area of the screen to capture.

Drag and Drop

Quickly get existing images into your bucket as well.

Image Controls

Adjust image type and quality levels.


Speed up load times and reduce your (already tiny) bill.

Small Footprint

On disk and in memory.


Download for Windows 7, .NET 4.0+

If you haven't already, get the .NET 4.0 runtime here

Tips and Tricks

Direct any problems/questions to: s3sg at zor.io


Self-hosting your screenshots on Amazon S3 is not only fun, but very advantageous:

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